Work Hard Eat Well

Well as a company we have actually come full circle which is no surprise to me.

In 2024 we are seeing an increase of our corporate catering (visit for more information).

In 2008 when we first launched Five Food which was initially Five A Day Co (food innovation via education).

I had a great foresight on what an innovative food company should be providing to help people make the right food choices, however the issue was not only were we in the wrong location we were also seven years or so ahead of our time.

The consumer was still not ready to embrace the diet I was trying to provide to them even though the government was trying its best to inform people of the health issues associated with mass produced processed food.

Fast forward to 2024 – I think the majority of the population are finally understanding the importance of a fresh and varied diet, for corporate business who are needing a strong, productive and focused workforce they should agree the need to feed the machines (humans) with the right fuel which not only will boost morale but increase turnover thanks to an efficient workforce.

At Five Food we are dedicated to providing extraordinary service with exceptional food using locally sourced fresh ingredients so if your looking to boost your physical and mental well-being you now know where to come.