Food Innovation Via Education

The name Five came from the concept of ‘Food Innovation Via Education’; the founder Jeannine had previously spent many years working in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Health Trainer. Her clients were mainly those suffering from chronic disease, which was directly linked to a poor diet and inactive lifestyle.
It was whilst experiencing the suffering of others, that Jeannine decided she wanted to make a difference to the food industry. She wanted to offer the consumer an alternative and healthier option to fast and processed food, From this, Five was born with the motto, “Without Good Food There Can Never Be Good Health”. We genuinely believe that the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest diet, but we know versatility is key, so we combine this with a wide and varied menu.

Our Base

Five Food is famous not only for delicious and healthy food, but for opening a Bistro in the middle of an industrial estate in an old industrial mill. The area has now become more of a business development area, and the industrial aspects of the mill contrast with the beauty of the vintage enchantment of the interior of the bistro, providing a  unique cafe bar that is filled with quirkiness. Five has internet access and covers 34 seats.

Customer care through consistently high-quality food.

Through consistency of delivering fresh quality locally sourced food, the company has grown from strength to strength and has developed a loyal customer base. Five aims to maintain and grow this customer base by continuing to deliver excellent, high-quality food for events such as weddings, funerals, business lunches and birthdays, while also maintaining its high standard of food sold in the cafe, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day.